May 9, 2011 Happy Hummus & Rules for Infertility

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The Weekly Peek: May 10, 2011

Issue 12

Quick tips, recipes, and inspiration from one busy mom to other moms on the run

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Homemade Humus

Store bought is great (I like Sabra Roasted Red Pepper) – but for more texture, and if you have time, it’s fun to make yourself too:

Main Ingredients:

Chick peas, tahini, garlic, olives. 


Mommy Meditation

You probably think I’m joking – meditate?  When do busy moms have time?  

That said, the benefits are well documented.  So here’s how I suggest doing it:

Once your kids are asleep for the night – lay flat on your back on your living room floor and look at the clock.  Don’t get up for 10 minutes.  Just breathe.  It’s amazing. 




The 7 Rules of Infertility

This article was penned (or typed) for  by yours truly… hoping it helps couples in the midst of the struggle to have kids and those supporting them. 




In a few weeks, one of our regular sitters is going to Sweden for a spring study abroad program.  It’s sad for us, and also underscores how lucky we are to have such wonderful babysitters.  Fortunately one of her good friends will stand in, but the transition in caregivers can take some adjustment, especially for the little ones. So I’m not looking forward to it.   



Is there any way to have Mother’s Day monthly?  It was such an amazing day!  Spending time with my mom, my mother-in-law, going for a trail run with my husband, a family swim with all three kids, playing basket ball with my nephew, and eating a wonderful meal prepared by all the guys – doesn’t get any better…  


Holding a grudge…  

Is like drinking poison and hoping the other person will die.  

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