November 22, 2011: Eggplant stackers, Dr. J, Detangler

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The Weekly Peek: November 22, 2011

Issue 24 – Happy Thanksgiving
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Eggplant Stackers

Watch below for a quick, delicious eggplant recipe.  

eggplant video

Main Ingredients:

Eggplant, zucchini, roasted red peppers. 


Stuffed Eggplant – Turkey Day Side?   


You can’t go wrong with a recipe titled, “My Mom’s Stuffed Eggplant..”  Thanks, MyWanderingSpoon! 


Focus Food: Eggplant – great antioxidents – look for fruits and veggies with deep rich colors, sure to please.  


Shopping Bag


Have any little princesses running around your house?  You’ll love this Tangle Teezer and it comes in PINK to boot!   



Lunchbox Ideas 

Check out Easy Lunchboxes to spice up your kids’ lunchboxes and put a smile on those faces!  Here’s a quick photo gallery of ideas. Thanks, Kelly.  



Dr. J is in…  

One of the most striking, frustrating and endearing characteristics of many toddlers is their impressively strong drive for autonomy. When my daughter was about 21 months old, her favorite word became “Felf” as in “Zoe, it’s time for bed. Let us help you put on your pajamas.” She would inevitably respond, “No, FELF!” which was followed by 5 minutes of her struggling to put on her pjs, followed by her sleeping naked because she had to do it herfelf or no one could. Sometimes we get into the habit of intervening because we know how things will otherwise turn out and we just want things done quickly and ‘properly.’ 

Look for opportunities where instead you can step back and allow the natural consequences (i.e. sleeping naked because she is too stubborn to let her parents help her put on her pjs) be the teacher and guide.  When you choose to let things go, also choose to laugh.  This quest for independence is a healthy and important part of development.  While this stage can certainly be challenging, it can hopefully also be a source of fulfillment and humor.

By Justin Sweder, Pediatrician, Northern California




Potty training… accidents at the grocery store & library on the same day! Ugh… but by day 3 she’s got it and is so proud of her cotton panties!    



Just so thankful for all the great people in our lives. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!   


Feeling gratitude and not expressing it…  

…is like wrapping a present and not giving it.  

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