Watch the video below for a quick video recipe – lunch for mom. Also check out the Archives page for more great recipes and tips.

Tomato & Frittata

Check out the video below for a quick easy lunch idea for Mom. Also click over to the Archives section to see other “weekly peeks”

Watch the video below to learn a new yummy grilled sammy!  Delicious. For more tips & recipes check out the Archives or sign up for our newsletter.

Main ingredients: bananas, bread, nut-butter

Fiesta Fire Shrimp

This is a delicious shrimp dish for a party or evening in. Quick and easy. Sure to please. Fore more tips & recipes check out the Archives section.


Garden Gaspacho

This is a great simple summer dish that you can have fun with. For instance, swap out zucchini for cucumber, parsley for cilantro or lime for lemon juice. Whatever you have on hand works and you can turn up the “heat” as much as you like with a bit of hot sauce.  Enjoy!


Chicken Denio

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Main ingredients: chicken, French dressing, onion soup mix


A great way to get veggies into your kids…



Pizza Two Ways

Main ingredients: tortilla, cheese, sauce